Our essential Toolbox hand treatment will leave your digits refreshed, well groomed and ready for handshakes, high fives and anything else your hands might do. Our service includes circulation massage, callus and cuticle treatment, exfoliation, nail shaping–all finished with a buff and shine. If you’re feeling a little extra, we invite you to add a coat or two of color from our curated polish collection at no extra cost.


Our essential Toolbox pedicure includes deep tissue massage, anti-inflammatory soak, callus removal, cuticle treatment and nail shaping. We’ll leave you with a buff and shine to make your toes–and those people around your toes–very happy. If you want to take things up a notch, we’ll add a coat of color from our curated polish collection. So come on, dip your toe in the water.


A full treatment of Uppers and Lowers that will leave your hands and feet looking fresh, well-groomed, and ready for anything. Spontaneous invite to a pool party? You’re good. Important unexpected work intro? You’re good. Keep them clean and shiny or add some color if you’re feeling it! You’re gonna thank us.


Santa Monica

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